Regulation questions

1. Can I borrow books accompanied with CDs, VCDs or cassettes from the AV Service?

All Audio – Visual materials are only in-house use.

2.  When does the AV Service open?

Monday – Friday: 7: 30 a.m. – 11: 00 a.m. ; 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.   

(Close on Monday afternoons)

3.  How can I register for photocopying the materials in the LRC?

Users don’t need to register for photocopying the materials at Level 2. Register with the staff at the Reference Desk, Level 3 for photocopying the journals. Photocopy Service at Level 1 next to the Circulation Desk.

4. Can students register for their semester units at Level 3, the LRC?

No, they can’t, because Level 3 is not used for the purpose of unit registration of Can Tho University.

5. The senior students have registered for using the LRC in 1 year, but they will graduate this June. Can they use the LRC until the end of this year?

After graduation, the students will conduct the graduation procedure and their library cards are expired. In order to continue using the LRC, they need to register to become external users.

6.  What is the opening hour of the LRC on Mondays?

7: 30 a.m. – 1:00 pm

5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

7.  Where can I register the Information Literacy Classes? Do I need to pay?

Registration at Reference Desk, Level 2, LRC. The fee is 20,000 VND/ learner/class. However, there are free classes every Thursday morning.

8.  Can I use the computers at Level 3?

Yes, you can.

9.  Can external users use the computers in the LRC?

After registering for getting the library card, the users can use the computers in the LRC.

10.  How can I borrow the materials?

Select the materials (no red dot on the spine) in Level 2, LRC. Provide the card and materials to the staff at Circulation Desk, Level 1 to borrow the materials.

11. I have borrowed three books last week. Can I borrow more books now?

You can borrow more 2 books because the maximum number of borrowed books is 5 per two weeks. You can renew one more week if it is not in high demand.

12. How can I pay for the library use? Why do I need to pay?

  • Users can register for using the LRC at the same time of Unit Registration and the same Online Unit Registration System of Can Tho University. The fee of using the LRC and tuition fee of Can Tho University will be paid at the Vietnam Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development in Can Tho City: Number 3, Phan Dinh Phung Street, Ninh Kieu District, Can tho City when the University have an announcement.
  • The LRC fee is used to maintain the LRC operation and facilities to provide the users with good services. This is also under the Rector Board’s agreement of the Can Tho University.

13.  How can I register the Discussion Rooms in the LRC? Do I need to pay?

Students can register the Discussion Rooms for free at Reference Desk, Level 2, LRC. For more details, please see Discussion Room Procedure.

14.  Can I borrow the books with red dots?

No, you can’t. They are in-house use or you can the copies at Photocopying Service, near Circulation Desk, Level 1.

15.  Can I borrow books at 9:00 p.m.?

No, you can’t. The Circulation Desk will be closed at 9 pm.

16. Can I know more information about the Selective Information Provision Service?

Contact the staff at Reference Desk, Level 2, LRC for more details.

17.  Can I bring the materials from level 2 to level 3?

Yes, you can.

18.  Students lost a borrowed book but they can’t find any same book from bookstores to return it to the LRC. How can they compensate for the loss of the book?

Monetary compensation for the loss. The cost is triple the cover price, the technical processing fee and the shipping fee.

19.  Can users bring the periodicals to make a photocopy outside the LRC?

No, they can’t. The users have to register for photocopying with the staff at Reference Desk, level 3, LRC, then they can bring the materials to the level 1, LRC, next to the Circulation Desk for photocopying.

20.  How can external users have library cards?

Please see Library Card Provision Procedure.

21.  I have accidentally brought the materials outside the LRC and heard an alarm call from the magnetic gate. Does this action influence on my academic performance or any penalty?

In this situation, your action won’t influence on your academic performance. However, you have to choose one of the two options below:

  • Option 1: Stop using the LRC

     + 1st time: Users are no allowed to use the LRC for 3 months per an item

     + 2nd time: Users are no allowed to use the LRC for 6 months per an item

  • Option 2: Applies Article 59 Government Decree 56/2006/NĐ-CP June 6,


22.  Can I borrow the books with purple dot on the spine?

No, you can’t. They are in-house use

23.  Can I play computer games in the LRC?

Using the computers in the LRC is to serve for study and research purposes. Not playing games or accessing to illegal websites.