Materials questions

1.  How can I find the materials on Level 1, 2, 3 of the LRC?

Step 1: Search the materials on OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). Click “Quick search” to find the materials you want. Pay attention to the Call number (It is on the spine of the books on the shelves), Status, and Location.

Ex: International Business Law : Environments and transactions / John H. Willes, John A. Willes. - Boston : Mcgraw-Hill/Irwin, 2005
Call number on the shelf: 343.087/ W713   
Status (of the material)

Step 2:

Find the material on the shelf according to the Call number (To save time, please notify the Call number at the front of each shelf). Contact the staff at the Reference Desk if you need any help.

   - Level 1: Reference materials, in-house use

   - Level 2: Specialized materials, in-house use and borrowing (The largest collection in the LRC)

   - Level 3: Foreign language reference collection, Core reading collection, periodicals, Master and Doctoral theses, Audio – Visual materials.

2.  How can I find the materials from Proquest Database?

 - See the Instruction to use Proquest from the flyers at Level 2, LRC.

- Contact the staff at Reference Desk to ask for help

- See the Instruction to use Proquest at Study & research support (or Information searching online tutorials )

3.  Why can’t I access to the Proquest Database off – campus? Can I receive an account to access to this database?

Proquest Database is a fee-paying database; therefore, users can access to it in the LRC or on- Can Tho University campuses. Contact the LRC staff to receive the account if necessary.

4.  Why don’t I see the materials on Environment and Food Technology on the DDC classification directory? Are there any materials with these topics in the LRC? How can I find them?

The material acquisition in the LRC is adequate for all disciplines of Can Tho University. However, the more specialized materials may not be found in the LRC, but can be located at Faculty libraries. You can search the materials of the LRC and Faculty libraries via OPAC

5.  Are there any similarities and differences between Reference Service and Selective Information Provision Service?

Similarities: Both Services are to answer and provide information to users.


Reference Service: Free of charge service. The staffs usually answer short enquiries and brief questions. With the difficult questions, the staff will do research, then answer directly or reply via email.

Selective Information Provision Service: Fee-paying service. It provides users with accurate, topical, academic, specialized research information. The library staffs usually spend more time on searching and collecting reliable and valuable information. In addition, it is really significant to insure the update and quality of the information. When users register this Service, they are provided with the newest information about the service as well as supporting policies.

6.  How can I know a material available for borrowing?

 Access to the OPAC and search for the required material to know the status of the material. Remember to click “Status” to check whether the material is available or not.

7.  How can I renew materials online?

Access to the LRC’s website -> OPAC Search -> Users -> Log in with password provided by the CTU -> Renew the materials

8.  How to borrow the Scientific Research Materials in the LRC?

The Scientific Research materials (Theses, Projects) cannot be borrowed, only in-house use.

9.  Where can I find the Can Tho City tourist materials?

Use the Advanced Search on the OPAC with key words tourist AND Can Tho (2 phrases are in the different two searching boxes and linked with Boolean AND)

10.  Why can’t I find the material in the LRC while it has the status “Available for borrowing” on the OPAC?

There are some reasons:

   - This material is not placed in correct location.

   - Another user is reading it

   - It is on the sorting shelves, has not been placed on the shelves yet.

11.  How can I find the material with “Optic Fiber” topic and number MFN1224 on the OPAC?

You can’t use the MFN to find the material. This is used in the library profession. You can use DDC Call number to find the material.

12.  How can I find Research Dissertations on the OPAC?

-  Access to the OPAC webpage

- Select “Theses” or “Scientific Reports” from the drop down menu “Type of materials”

- Type the title of the theses in line “Title”, or type the topic in line “Subject”, or type key words related to the thesis topic in line “Keyword”

13.  How can I search books from the OPAC?

Access to the OPAC webpage, => click tab "Search" => select "Book" from the drop down menu “Type of materials” => Type the required book title in one of the criteria listed from the OPAC: Title. Author, Subject, Keyword,..

14.  Why can’t I see the location of the material from the OPAC? Where is it located? How can I borrow it?

This material can be in the binding process because of long use and damage, or it is no longer in use, so you can’t borrow it.

15.  How can I search the Theses from the OPAC?

1. Access to the OPAC webpage --> 2. Select “These" from the “Type of material”--> 3. Type the thesis title or other finding criteria on the OPAC.