Library Collections



The collection embodies specialized materials and other printed materials which tailor the specific need of multidisciplinary users at Can Tho University. Specifically, there are:

+ In house use monographs (red dot on the spine of the books) & in loan monographs. Location: Level 2 & 3, LRC

Notice: Level 3 has Foreign language reference collection with the materials of a variety of fields of study written in mainly English and a few in French and Japanese.

+ Reference materials: Dictionary, encyclopedia, yearbook, ect. Location: Level 1, LRC.


They are newspapers and scholarly journals of the latest years. The past issues are bounded and stored in the repository. However, the LRC still provide access to the past journals if on demand. In addition, the LRC staff selects good articles from the scholarly journals for digitalization.

Notice: Periodicals should be used in the periodical area. Location: Level 3, LRC.

Core reading collection

The collection comprises over 12,000 titles of over 4,000 individual units serving all Can Tho University majors. Lecture notes, textbooks and reference materials make up the collection. This collection is also digitalized to increase the number of users accessing to the materials. Location: Level 3, LRC.

Audio-Visual collection

The collection includes databases in CDs, books and accompanying CDs, VCDs, DVDs, cassettes, videotapes and maps. Location: Audio-Visual Service - Level 3, LRC.

Donated collection

The collection is made up by the donated materials from FAO, IRRI, WHO, World Bank, Gene Collection and other resources shared by users.

Location: Level 3, LRC.

Databases and scientific journals

There are subscribed databases, open-access databases and journals, and subject databases. These e-resources are arranged in multidisciplinary and subject orders.


There is a numerous collection of free eBook links that are critically evaluated and made available. These eBooks links are mostly multidisciplinary.

New books

The LRC employs a blog to notify users of the new LRC materials in different disciplines. Users can access the archive of old postings on the web blog or register RSS to receive latest news about new books.