Study and research support

Subject Guides (LibGuide)

Subject Guides includes tools and plentiful information resources which are selected and evaluated to enable users develop their study and research skills and to provide them valuable collections of information resources in the LRC and on the Internet to meet their specialized information needs.

Information searching i-tutorials

The tutorials contain helpful videos that enable users to acquire the knowledge of information searching skills and to assess to high quality information sources supporting their study and research as well as life-long learning.

  • OPAC using guide
  • Information searching guide to Proquest
  • Information searching guide to Google Scholar
  • Information searching guide to AGORA

Citation guide and reference management

Knowledge on citation and bibliography plays an important role in writing an essay or doing research. Understanding this factor, writers will respect strictly the copyright when using quotes for his/her works, that is compliance with the rules on using direct and indirect quotes, secondary sources, and creating different quotes depending on each type of documents. This also helps users track the source of the original documents and the relevant documents from the Reference list.

Access to Zotero user guide