Reader Club 

Learning Resource Center (LRC) establishes a Reader Club that aims to organize helpful activities for those who love reading books and are interested in the library development. These activities includes thematic activities, specialized conferences and workshops, advanced information searching classes, social activities, cultural and sports exchanges. In addition, this Reader Club helps readers enhance their communication skills by creating opportunities for them to present their ideas in the public, guiding volunteers how to use the LRC, introducing the LRC to visitors and informing other brand libraries about the library activities.

Mobile library service

This service introduces LRC printed and electronic resources to Can Tho University faculty staff and students on campus. Besides, it also facilitates borrowing and returing the materials. This enables them save their valuable time and stimulate demands for reading materials supporting their study and research.

Creative ideas

The contest "Creative Ideas for the Community" is an intellectual playground for connecting and promoting students’ innovative ideas supporting economic - social development in Mekong Delta region. The contents of the contest is the creative ideas for the development of economy, science and technology, education and training, promoting southern identity, public health and the ecological environment.