1. Introduction

Cantho University Learning Resource Center (CTU LRC) was developed from the Central Library of Cantho University with a grant of 9,130,000 USD from the Atlantic Philanthropies. The Center was officially opened on April 25, 2006.

CTU LRC was built on a land area of 7,560 square meters and situated right at the entrance of the University’s main campus (Campus 2), a perfect location to attract its target users. The LRC is an air-conditioned four-story building with the gross floor area of 4,800 square meters. The layout of each floor is designed scientifically tailoring academic activities of individuals and groups.

In addition, the professional assistance from the library staff makes the LRC an ideal hub for academic activities. The library staff have been educated to run this world-class library with its modern facilities, rich resources, and innovative services. Their expertise enables them to provide value added elements in order to empower the users in their learning, teaching and research. The organization and management of information resources and services are highly oriented towards the ease and flexibility of end-users.

2. Functions

The design of the LRC building was guided by research on the particular geography, soil and climate of the Mekong Delta region. Equipped with more than 500 public computers with internet connection, video networking system, modern facilities, and rich and diverse information resources - both printing and electronic, the LRC strives to become an ideal information hub that stimulates academic and research activities of Can Tho University communities.

The LRC is an integral part in the Can Tho University’s strategic plan to enhance the quality of education and training. The LRC is committed to contributing to the modification and innovation of teaching and learning methods, and nurture the independent long-life learning of its users.

3. Missions

The core mission of CTU LRC is to deliver and provide open access to quality information resources and services that best meet the needs of users. We are committed to enhancing users’ information skills by assisting and instructing them in developing an appropriate searching strategy to retrieve and use needed information effectively and efficiently to thrive in their academic, professional and daily life.

CTU LRC is responsible for developing information resources and providing professional trainings for all CTU branch libraries. We are willing to provide consultation and assistance to any information institutions in developing and improving their performance.

The LRC strives to strengthen the regional, national and international professional network for sustainable development.