Computing questions

1.  I used the computer in the LRC and saved my word document as a doc file, but when I opened this file outside the LRC, it was unreadable and the text read like "V? D?: c?u b? l?i". Is there any way to recover it?

We’re sorry that it’s impossible to recover the file. The Unicode Code does not exist in Microsoft Word 95; therefore, the Vietnamese text can be deformed. Next time, you should select Microsoft Word 97/Xp/2003 when saving your file.

2.  How can I convert file odt into doc?

Open odt file using Open Office, select Save as. From “file type”, select Microsoft Word 97/2000/xp/2003 (Note: do not select Word 95), then save the file.

3.  How can I change my computer account password?

- From the Desktop, select “System” => “Proferentses” => “about me” => Select “Change Password...”. Then, follow the steps to change your password as instructed/ guided. Otherwise, contact the Information and Network Management Center at Level 2, School Headquarter for further assistance.

4.  How can I run Vietnamese keyboard?

Press Alt + F2 => click Unikey to run the keyboard

5.  Can I send email to other free email services such as Gmail, HotMail, or Yahoo! Mail via CTU mail?

CTU students’ email is actually Gmail. Therefore, you can email to any other free emails and use all the features of Gmail.

6.  I want to renew the materials online but cannot log in my user account. What should I do?

You should provide your student number to the staff at the Reference Desk on Level 2. The staff will then contact the IT specialist to provide you with the new account as soon as possible.

7.  How can I open the file .rar?

Go to http://wobzip.org/ to unrar, because Ubuntu does not support this file type.

8.  How can I access the wifi at the LRC? Why can’t I access to the internet in LRC?

There may be a problem with Fiber-optic cable at LRC, so you can’t access to the Internet. Normally, you can use wifi without providing account.

9. Can non-CTU users use the computers at theLRC? What is the log-in account?

Yes, they can. The account to log in computers at Level 1 and 2 is LRC\ “card number” enter + “password” and level 3 is card number+password+“Logon: LRC”

10.  Why can’t I log in the computer at the LRC?

There are several reasons for log-in failure:

- Forget to type CTU\ before Username;

- Incorrect password; or

- Server error;

- System is being upgraded.

Therefore, users should be patient trying logging in for several times with consideration to the above-mentioned reasons. Otherwise, contact the Information and Network Management Center at Level 2, School Headquarter for help.

11.  Why can’t I access to the Internet to do online subject enrollment?

- It is possibly because of the server overload or some proxy errors. You should check the proxy or reset the connection settings to “Auto proxy configuration URL” to check the connection. Otherwise, ask for help from the LRC staff or the Information and Network Management Center at Level 2, the School Headquarter.

12.  Can Windows programs be run on Ubuntu?

No, it can’t because the Ubuntu operating system is different from those of Windows

13.  How can I generate mathematical formula in the Open Office? 

From Menu, click Insert/Object/Formula.

14.  Can my USB be infected with virus from the computers installed with Ubuntu?

No, it is impossible. The structure, language, and kernel of Ubuntu operating system are different from those of Windows, and thus the virus from Windows can’t infect the computers installed with Ubuntu or vice versa. The USB infected with virus maybe because you had used your USB on another computer contracted with virus before.

15. What is the account to connect to the LRC wifi?

You don’t need any account to connect the LRC wifi.

16.  How can I restart the computer when it freezes?

To restart the computer, press the Ctrl + Alt + F8 key combination, then continue to press another key combination of Ctrl + Alt +Del to prompt restart.

17.  I have accidentally selected “Remember” after typing the password, so it was saved in the computer. How can I delete the password remembered? Can other users use my saved password to log in the computer?

Select Tool/ Clear Recent history... /Time range to clean: Everything/ Clear now. Your password will be protected because Ubuntu has security policy for each user. Only persons with admin account (root) can access users’ data and documents.