Audio-Visual procedures


I. Opening hours

Open from Monday to Friday. Morning: 7:30 - 11:00. Afternoon: 1:30 – 5:00 (Closed on Monday afternoons)

II. Facilities and materials

There are:

  • 16 seats
  • 21 networked computers
  • 4 cassette players
  • Over 4,500 CDs & VCDs
  • Over 100 videotapes
  • 100 maps

III. Procedures

Step 1: Enter Audio-Visual (AV) service, level 3, LRC

Step 2: Look up the AV list at the AV Reference Desk and select materials:

            2.1. If borrowing cassettes

  • Register to borrow cassettes, cassette player and headphone
  • Take the accompanying books from the shelves


            2.2. If borrowing CDs & VCDs

  • Receive CDs or VCDs from the AV staff

  • Take the accompanying books from the shelves                       

            2.3. If borrowing maps

  • Receive maps from the AV staff                                             

  • Leave library cards at the AV desk if using maps outside the AV area           

Step 3: Returning cassettes, CDs, VCDs, maps & books at the AV desk


  • If the materials or facilities are damaged, please inform the AV staff and ask to change other ones.
  • Users can borrow maximum 3 materials/a half day and 1 material/turn. Please return the borrowed materials before borrowing the new one.

III. Regulations

  • Contact the AV staff to borrow materials and facilities
  • Check materials and facilities before using them.
  • Use the AV materials in the AV area only
  • Allowed to access English learning websites
  • No computer games
  • Personal cassettes, CDs, & VCDs are not allowed to use in the AV service
  • Limit to move chairs to the unexpected places. Users will be responsible for all borrowed materials and facilities